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2015 OHTec Best of Tech Awards

Salesforce Solutions

For Smarter businesses

Transformational cloud solutions connecting people, processes and businesses.

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Business Analytics

Turn data into insights

Achieve a competitive advantage & differentiation through our analytics solutions.

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Talent Acquisition

Deliver more!

Superior talent offering support to your strategic think-tanks.

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Risk is managed

Customer credit and supplier risk management software.

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Blog Corner

Return On Data

Wikipedia quite accurately defines commerce as inclusive of “a complex system of companies which try to maximize their profits by offering products and services to the market (which consists both of individuals and other companies) at the lowest production cost.”

Up until the Information Age exploded on us, most commercial organizations looked at three aspects of their business as their key assets – the products or services they offer, the markets or customers they serve, and the efficiency of their internal processes to produce the products or services they sell. Most of these well run organizations would also ever green their business plans to figure out how their capital could be deployed to enhance their edge on their three aspects – bettering their products or services, acquiring new customers and creating further efficiencies in their operations, but most often without fully leveraging the data that they have on hand.

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Over the last several years, I have come across so many cases where various organizations could not fully utilize the potential of their SharePoint environment. Sooner or later they started to face the problem of scaling up.

Over the years, despite my vehement denials, my wife has been claiming that I snore. To disprove her, I have taken to IoT, Internet of Things.

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Our solutions address diverse business challenges. We add new dimension to core processes, optimize them and improve overall efficiency.

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Return on Data - Not a Far Fetched Concept

Read this perspective to know how you can be prepared for the Transformative era of Data Driven Organizations.

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“It is rare to have such dedication and sense of partnership from a vendor. On behalf of our teams, I wanted to express our gratitude and recognition/appreciation of all of your help.

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“The database looks great, the functionality is superb and the reports are exceptional…the overall system is outstanding.

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