In many organizations, the key function of managing risk and performing periodic credit reviews of its customers is mired in paperwork and cumbersome manual processes. It is not uncommon to see prime real estate being wasted to store all the paperwork! In larger organizations, credit function tends to be distributed, and the manual processes render any attempt at collaboration between the distributed teams to be highly ineffective, further slowing down the credit and risk management decision making. Increase in the risk of bad debts and unstable and poor customer relations causes stress that is entirely avoidable.

bSure is a cloud based credit management solution that automates and streamlines customer credit review process. It helps organizations assess and manage the credit worthiness of its customers and enables near realtime critical business decision-making by providing visibility into customers' A/R. bSure makes the helps in making credit function highly efficient and minimize organizations financial risks.

bSure's end-to-end automation of credit review processes enables organizations, eliminate paperwork, drive efficiency through seamless workflows, improve collaboration and expedite review of customer credit information and documentation.

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Automated Workflows

Credit Analysis and Reviews; Multi-level workflows; Credit limit management; Audit Trails

Customer Accounts

Ease of access; Comprehensive search; Quick visibility into high impact customers


Discussion boards & messages; Task assignment and tracking; Multi-function collaboration


User Profile Management Authentication; Authorization


Integration with credit Bureaus and ERP for seamless process

Reports & Dashboards

Executive Dashboards for high level visibility and decision making


All attributes tied to an account; Configurable account hierarchy; Configurable workflows


Streamlined & more structured repositories of financial details

With bSure, you can:
  • Automate the entire credit review process
  • Take critical credit decisions in real-time
  • Assess and manage the credit worthiness of customers on a continuous basis to minimize the risk in Account Receivables
  • Identify high profile customer accounts, and manage credit lines
  • Gain seamless access to information spread across CRM Systems, Credit Bureaus, ERP Systems and other external systems
  • Get reports and dashboards for increased visibility and easy decision making
  • Establish cross-functional and cross-geographic collaboration
Business Value
  • Anytime-anywhere accessibility
  • Streamlined workflows and reduced paper work
  • Efficient account management through real-time collaboration for critical credit decisions
  • Timely implementation of all decisions related to customer credit
  • Quick access to audit trails for key customer reviews
  • Efficiency and savings due to reduced manual paper work


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