About the Webinar

An educational Webinar identifying and discussing how to plan for, implement, and maximize Salesforce Business Functionality, User Adoption, and ROI. Vertex will provide 'Best Practices' and planning and implementation 'insights' to deliver the benefits you want and need – including Analytics -- while lowering overall implementation and on-going Maintenance costs.

Key Takeaways

  • How best to properly plan for any Salesforce implementation or Upgrade
  • How to structure a Salesforce implementation for maximum effectiveness
  • How to prepare for implementing Sales Analytics to maximize Business value
  • How to Maintain and Upgrade Salesforce to Maximize ROI

About Vertex

Vertex is a CMMi Level-3 IT consulting organization that engages with its customers at a strategic level and provides 'thought leadership'. Vertex's team of Solution Scientists craft innovative solutions, with a holistic view, that make businesses smarter. Vertex acts as an advisory partner, aligning its offerings with the business goals and objectives of its customers.

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