Key Takeaways

  • What are Salesforce's Lead-to-Cash capabilities?
  • How can I leverage standard Salesforce functionality to improve my Business Processes?
  • How can I develop a Salesforce Lead-to-Cash Strategy and develop a plan to achieve that Strategy?
  • How can I get more value out of my existing – or planned - Salesforce License costs?

About the Webinar

Are you one of those thousands of Companies who use Salesforce only as traditional CRM ? According to popular researches most organizations don't even leverage the entire Salesforce capabilities. Vertex will present an education-focused Webinar describing how standard Salesforce functionality can be leveraged throughout the entire Lead-to-Cash Business Process to Increase sales, accelerate Revenues and Collections while significantly increasing Salesforce's ROI.

About Vertex

Vertex is a CMMi Level-3 IT consulting organization that engages with its customers at a strategic level and provides 'thought leadership'. Vertex's team of Solution Scientists craft innovative solutions, with a holistic view, that make businesses smarter. Vertex acts as an advisory partner, aligning its offerings with the business goals and objectives of its customers.

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