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You have data. A lot of data. Is it working for you, or are you working for it?

If you’re ready to move beyond processing data to a scientific model of engineering, analyzing, and visualizing your data – or even using machine learning and predictive analytics to unearth new insights,Vertex’s team of experienced data scientists and analysts are ready to help you use your business data to make informed decisions.

We are a full-service data consulting firm and are ready to work with you – from strategic consulting to execution to analysis. Our services are tailored to YOUR needs.

If you’re in Packaged Goods, Manufacturing, Insurance, Startups, or Environmental Services and are struggling to make sense of your data, let Vertex be your trusted partner.

Data Strategy

Start Smart

Your journey to really using your data starts with a solid data strategy that defines the people, processes and technology needed so you can start using your data to achieve your business goals. Data strategy seeks to identify all of your data sources and to create a plan to move towards consistent naming and value conventions, regardless how the data is stored.

It also looks at how and where data is stored so that you can effectively share and move data between systems. With a centrally-managed data sharing process, you can ensure that your data is easy to get to, even if it is not centrally stored.

Another important component of a data strategy is governance – the establishment, management and communication of information policies and mechanisms for effective data usage. Only then can we start to address data processing – the activities necessary to get data from its raw form to a finished good that you can start to leverage.

Data Management

With a solid strategy and processing plan in place, you are ready to move to Data Management. Sometimes known as DataOps or Data Operations, Data Management helps you and your team access the data that you need through the creation and reuse of data management rules. Ultimately, data management gives you a standard, repeatable method for improving and integrating your data, helps you stay true to your data strategy, and sets the stage for using your data to uncover valuable insights.

Data Engineering

Data Engineering aims to make your data more accessible for those that will ultimately use it for decision making – without making them have to master all of the intricacies of your data management platform. Our data engineers look at your end-to-end business processes as “data pipelines” with one or more sources and one or more destinations. Within those pipelines, data may undergo steps of transformation, validation, enrichment, or summarization.

Essentially, data engineering ensures that data scientists can look at data reliably and consistently, making their work more productive and allowing them to focus on what they do best – performing analysis. Without data engineering, data scientists would spend most of their time preparing data for analysis.

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Data Science & Analytics

Data Science uses technologies such as data mining, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to analyze your data in powerful ways and to start to make predictive analysis about your business. Apart from building complex algorithms and synthesizing large datasets, Vertex’s data scientists are also experienced in communication and leadership skills, which are necessary to drive measurable and tangible results to business stakeholders.

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Data Visualization

Moving beyond tables and reports, data visualization works hand-in-hand with data science to create visual ways of presenting data. From simpler bar charts and graphs to more intricate ways of viewing data such as infographics, bubble clouds, bullet graphs, heatmaps, fever charts, time-series graphs, and more, making it easier for a broader audience to identify trends, patterns, and outliers in large datasets.

Moreover, data visualization provides an easier way to monitor the results of your queries and to ensure that your data models are performing as intended. Data visualization is especially effective in the areas of sales & marketing, finance, logistics & supply chain management, and other areas of your business.

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