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The success of your project depends on the quality of your team. We can provide the right resource with the right background at the right budget. Our dedicated team of recruiters is equipped to handle the most challenging of assignments to build your next project team. We specialize in securing hard-to-find Project Managers, Developers, and Solution Architects so your project gets done on time.

What Can You Expect?

  • Experienced, Professional Recruiters Who Understand the IT Industry
  • High-quality Candidates that Match Your Needs
  • Fast Onboarding
  • Fast Turnaround
  • Low Turnover

Our Technologies

  • SharePoint
  • Salesforce
  • Java Script
  • Python
  • Mobile
  • Jquery
  • Apache
  • Oracle
  • Hadoop
  • Azure-DevOps
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Power BI

Big Problems? Real-World Solutions.

Resume Do’s and Dont’s

Find out what top-notch IT recruiters say are their biggest pet peeves when reviewing candidates’ resumes.

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Nailing the IT Interview

Are you in the middle of a job hunt? Prepare to nail your upcoming IT interviews with these tips from the tech recruiters at Vertex Computer Systems.

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BC / AC: Should You Negotiate Salary on a Job Offer? 
How Covid has Changed Salary Negotiation 

Is this the best time to negotiate salary? Weigh your options carefully before asking for more money. You can negotiate vacation, benefits, workspace, workday hours. What’s most important – especially for entry-level positions – is to land a job that will give you experience in your desired field.    

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An assertive, energetic professional, Natalie brings an innate ability to face challenges with creativity and courage. Her role as Recruiting Team Manager is ever changing. She wears many hats including overseeing projects, strategizing, business development, and client relations. When she’s not working, Natalie enjoys exercising and spending time with her family.

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Natalie Reffner

People Leader, Talent Strategy