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Want to End Order Rejections, Supply Chain Penalties, or
Payment Disputes?
We Got IT.

bSync Helps Suppliers Get Products on Retailer Shelves Without Delay.

Congratulations! After months of hard work marketing, merchandising, and selling your products have finally been ordered by a big-box store. Except, there’s a snag. A data discrepancy between your system and the retailer’s system has terminated the shipment. Adding insult to injury this has resulted in a supplier penalty for delayed shipment. If you were brave enough to ship knowing fully well about the data mismatch, you could suffer from payment deductions when invoices are paid.

Streamlined retail execution is here, and suppliers couldn’t be happier. If you supply products to large retailers like Walmart, you need bSync to get your products to store shelves with ease.

What is bSync’s Value?

  • Shared product tracking knowledge is in one convenient location for instant access.
  • Data analysts can focus on their core jobs, not scramble for information in various places.
  • One supplier improved internal operations by 50% in their data sync with Walmart alone.
  • One global supplier’s order rejections were reduced by 70% in the first year.
  • Decreased rejections mean increased sales.
  • One supplier increased sales by $50 million across several product categories with bSync.
  • Orders shipped with data exceptions result in payment disputes, negatively impacting cash flow.
  • bSync helps prevent costly disputes by avoiding data mismatch between suppliers and retailers.
  • Because fewer orders are held, more of your products get on retail shelves.
  • Reduce time spent reconciling purchase orders, invoices and payments.
  • Accurate applying of promotions, discounts thereby reducing costly deductions.
  • Reduced deductions allow you to realize your full revenue potential.
  • Accepted orders meet big-box retailer shipping schedule and incur no fines.
  • End retailer-imposed penalties for shipment delays due to data discrepancies.
  • Increase profits – decreased order rejections get your products on shelves.

Big Problems? Real-World Solutions.

case study: Consumer Packaged Goods close up of products on a shelf at a store

Suppliers: Ready to End Product Data and Price Discrepancies?
We Got IT.

One of Vertex’s clients reduced exceptions from 50% to 20% and unauthorized deductions from 20% to 5%. That’s a huge savings.

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Track Smart: Supplier Data Synchronization
with bSync Ensures Big-Box Sales

Are you tired of big-box retailer orders being rejected? It’s time to track smart with bSync!

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Flyer: bSync close up of woman pushing a shopping cart

How bSync Helps Suppliers Sell to Big-Box Retailers

Discover how bSync helps suppliers get products on retail shelves with fewer data discrepancies.

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Ready to use your data to make
informed business decisions?

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