Case Studies

Case Study: Salesforce property management business processes

Are Outdated Business Processes Slowing Your Growth?

This Real Estate Property Management company needed to launch web portals faster. Read how Vertex streamlined its business processes and increased customer satisfaction.

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Case Study: Consumer Packaged Goods ecommerce promotion analysis

Is Tracking Promotional Data a Pain Point?

Tracking coupons, bundles, and other discounts is necessary to assess your promotion’s success. Learn about the solution we created for this CPG manufacturer that is far more accurate and efficient than the Excel spreadsheets they were using.

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Case Study: Consumer Packaged Goods digital message coming to employee's phone

Need a Digital Display Solution to Enable
Real-Time, Effective Employee Communication?

This Fortune 100 CPG Manufacturer relied on physical bulletin boards and paper announcements to disseminate information to employees. See how we improved their communication efforts, so important messages didn’t go unseen.

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Case Study: Salesforce pinecrest shopping center aerial view

Struggling with Complex Project Forecasting? We Got IT.

Independence Construction Gains Forecasting Ease and Accuracy with a Salesforce Solution Problem and Background Independence Construction is one of the…

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Case Study: Salesforce online job application system

Recruiters: Struggling with Your Online
Job Application System?

A Salesforce Solution Streamlines the Application Process for Prospective Realtors and Helps Recruiters Track Their Goals  

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Case Study: Microsoft Azure initiative management | business team going over diagram

Need to Manage Complex Projects Across an Organization?
We Got IT.

Learn how this Fortune 100 consumer goods company streamlined getting products to market with a powerful Initiative Management System by Vertex.

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Case Study: Consumer Packaged Goods aerial view of semi trucks backing into the loading dock

Suppliers: Need Logistics Accuracy and Just-In-Time Delivery for Managing Restocking Quantities?
We Got IT.

Learn how custom digital solutions helped this client accurately calculate restocking levels and and optimize pallet planning for cost-effective transportation.

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Case Study: Consumer Packaged Goods group of workers going over maps and diagrams on a table

Suppliers: Need to Analyze the Factors that Affect Sales Performance?
We Got IT.

See how Vertex simplified extracting point-of-sale data from numerous retailers to measure sales metrics for this major consumer packaged goods (CPG) company.

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Case Study: Salesforce close up of two people shaking hands

Insurers: Want Insights Into Your Broker / Client Relationships? Leverage your Data to Identify New Opportunities.

See how a global property and casualty insurer leveraged its data with Salesforce to discover effective brokering techniques.

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Case Study: Consumer Packaged Goods blurry aisle in a grocery store

Suppliers: Learn How Big Data Analytics Justified Custom Retail Product Displays by Aligning with Demographics.

Do custom retail displays help cut through the clutter of product choices? The data says you can bet on it.

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Case Study: Salesforce Startup Incubator Leverages Salesforce | group of people having a discussion

Salesforce Solution: How a Startup Incubator
Integrated Disjointed Data Systems

See how Cintrifuse leveraged data to manage connections, track fundraising, generate reports, and share success stories.

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Case Study: Consumer Packaged Goods close up of products on a shelf at a store

Suppliers: Ready to End Product Data and Price Discrepancies?
We Got IT.

One of Vertex’s clients reduced exceptions from 50% to 20% and unauthorized deductions from 20% to 5%. That’s a huge savings.

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