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case study: Consumer Packaged Goods

Training Tracker Solution: Looking to Automate Corporate Training Processes? We Got IT.

Case Study at a Glance


A Fortune 100 consumer packaged goods (CPG) company


Our client needed to enhance efficiencies in scheduling, requesting, registering, and managing internal training.


We created Training Tracker, a comprehensive SharePoint solution that benefits workers who want to request and schedule training sessions. Additionally, instructors and HR appreciate the tool’s ability to track attendance, class popularity, and success rates.


By pulling all upcoming training offerings, as well as the records of people who have taken classes, into one convenient application, our client saved over 2,600 worker hours in the first six months of use.

We Got IT: Training Tracker Automates Scheduling, Registration, and Attendance Processes with a SharePoint Solution

illustration of employees going through corporate training

Problem and Background

Companies that commit to investing in their employees’ ongoing education are companies that are committed to success. Ensuring that staff at all levels continues to grow in knowledge and maintain proper certifications promotes dedication to producing quality work. Yet, despite the desire to offer access to quality training, many companies struggle with the mechanics and logistics of making this happen.

Scheduling and tracking training sessions can be challenging for large corporations offering classes for hundreds of employees at various locations. How do you notify employees when appropriate trainings are available? How do you note the effectiveness of a session? How do you take attendance and assess knowledge gained? What if there’s a cancellation or schedule change? These pain-points are common among large companies and manufacturers.

When one of our clients, a global CPG manufacturer, approached us with their problem of scheduling training sessions and tracking their popularity, we set out to provide a single solution that addressed multiple concerns. Posting, scheduling, registering, and tracking processes had previously been handled via physical bulletin boards, emails, spreadsheets and printouts. Cancellations and rescheduled classes required further emails and phone calls. These manual activities took significant time and caused confusion.

Vertex noticed opportunities to improve efficiencies on three fronts:

  • Instructor scheduling
  • Attendee registration
  • Managing attendee training requests

We developed a digital tool to solve these issues and create new values as well.

Vertex Solution: Training Tracker is Your Digital Tool for Scheduling, Requesting, Registering, and Managing Internal Training Sessions

Realizing that the entire enterprise would benefit from digitizing its internal training calendar, Vertex established a comprehensive digital schedule of upcoming classes. All employees would be able to access it with a phone, tablet, or computer. This digital training calendar was built in SharePoint, and completely digitized the course creation and registration process. Additionally, this tool allows instructors and the HR Department to track attendance, class popularity, and success rates.

With Training Tracker, plant workers can view upcoming courses, apply search filters, make decisions based upon their needs and availability, notify plant leaders, and register. Additionally, Training Tracker notes how many people are attending sessions and tracks which ones generate the most interest to help instructors plan topics based on attendee needs.

The digital Training Tracker calendar makes it simple for all parties. And, since all information is in one repository, changes are instantaneous. Everyone has access to the most accurate and current information. Training Tracker has allowed all staff members to use their time more productively.


Training Tracker has increased internal efficiencies, providing a complete overview of upcoming sessions. It allows instructors to evaluate class success and plan future sessions based on attendance and feedback. Additionally, plant leaders can easily search for people with certain skillsets. Training Tracker has saved 2,600 worker hours and 10,400 touches in the first six months of use.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive calendar shows upcoming training sessions
  • Employees can request trainings
  • Easy registration process
  • Tracks past sessions
  • Digital assessments

Key Benefits

  • Time saved searching for classes
  • Trackable employee attendance
  • Increased efficiencies by eliminating emails, spreadsheets, and printouts
  • Course data captured digitally for reporting and analysis
  • Easier to plan targeted training, noticing what is popular and requested

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