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case study: Consumer Packaged Goods

Credit Review Solution: Automate Credit Review Processes with bSure

Case Study at a Glance


A global CPG corporation


Our client needed to establish collaboration among different departments involved in the credit and risk management process. Wanting to improve managing account receivables, periodic credit reviews of existing customers, and credit checks of new onboarding customers, management turned to Vertex.


Vertex built bSure, a digital tool that automates workflows and performs credit analysis and reviews, multi-level workflows, credit limit management, and audit trails. bSure streamlines the entire credit review process, creating electronic storage of documents that reduce credit reviewing to a few minutes.


bSure delivered cost savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars within a year of implementation. It also delivered work process improvement savings by over 5,300 hours in the first year. Additionally, integrations with existing internal and external systems as well as credit bureaus allow real-time accessibility.

How Vertex helped a Major CPG Company Automate Credit Review Processes in a Way that Integrated Existing Systems and Worked with Credit Bureaus

Problem and Background

Our client is a global CPG giant. Their products are sold across more than 100 countries through a huge network of wholesale customers, retail customers, and third-party distributors. The client has a large credit review team that had been relying on manual processes to conduct periodic credit reviews, customer credit checks, manage receivables, extend credit limits, etc. Due to manual processes and a hefty amount of paperwork, long delays in conducting credit reviews were far too common. They needed a way to expedite the credit review process in a way that integrated existing systems and worked with credit bureaus.

Our customer faced problems in the following areas:

  • Managing Accounts Receivable
  • Performing periodic credit reviews of existing customers
  • Credit checks of new onboarding customers
  • Trying to establish collaboration among different functions involved in credit and risk management for a seamless process

Vertex Solution: bSure Automates the Entire Credit and Risk Assessment Process

Vertex rolled out its flagship solution, bSure, which automated the entire credit review process, creating electronic storage of documents that reduced credit reviewing to a few minutes.

Solution facets include:

  • Automated workflows – Credit analysis and reviews; multi-level workflows; credit limit management; audit trails
  • Customer accounts – Ease of access; comprehensive search; quick visibility into high-impact customers
  • Collaboration – Discussion boards & messages; Task assignment and tracking; Multi-function collaboration
  • Security – User profile management authentication; authorization
  • Integration – Integration with credit bureaus and ERP for a seamless process
  • Reports and dashboards – Executive dashboards for high-level visibility and decision making
  • Configuration – All attributes tied to an account; configurable account hierarchy; configurable workflows
  • Repository – Streamlined & structured repositories of financial details


bSure catered to more than 700 users including sales, credit analysts, risk analysts, and executives, delivering a cost savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars within a year of implementation. Additionally, it delivered work-process improvement savings of over 5,300 hours in the first year. Integrations with internal systems such as ERP and CRM and external systems and credit bureaus such as Experian and Equifax have ensured real-time information access.

bSure risk is managed diagram


  • Automated workflows alert users on upcoming reviews based on customers’ past credit ratings
  • Collaboration with cross-functional teams
  • Integration with credit bureaus like Experian and Equifax
  • Integration with external systems like ERP, CRM and DocuSign
  • Reports and dashboards


  • Significant savings (hundreds of thousands of dollars) within one year of implementation
  • Improved collaboration saved over 5,300 worker hours in one year
  • Real-time access to credit information
  • Electronic repository of documents

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