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Need to Migrate an Outdated SharePoint Intranet?
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Case Study at a Glance


A global paper company


Our client had an outdated SharePoint 2010 intranet. Support for the platform was scheduled to end in October 2020. Because they wouldn’t be eligible for critical upgrades and security updates, the company was headed toward being out of internal compliance. If the system was down, it would hinder employees to communicate and collaborate and share information through the Intranet.


Vertex migrated the Intranet to SharePoint 2019 that not only addressed the client’s specific needs, but also delivered the extra value of mobile accessibility.


The users now have a reliable intranet. All critical employee applications such as Manage Time-Off Requests; Travel Expenses; Legal Case Requirements; Visitor Passes, and other HR and daily operation tasks can now be reliably done on the new Intranet.

Migration Goals: Maintain Compliance, Add and Improve Functionality, Simplify Workflows, Offer Mobile Access

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Problem and Background

Staying current with intranet technology is a reality that any business must face. The shiny new systems purchased today will eventually morph into tomorrow’s dinosaurs as newer and faster tools are developed. However, when handled with creativity and competence, a migration doesn’t need to be an apprehensive odyssey. Rather, an intranet migration can be an opportunity for businesses to focus on their communication, content, and collaboration needs, and produce a system that improves upon existing functions.

Such was the case for our client, a huge paper producer with over 50,000 employees. Their SharePoint 2010 intranet was outdated. Being out of support has serious consequences including security vulnerability. Our client knew they wouldn’t be able to pass internal compliance audits. Plus, maintenance costs for aging hardware are far higher on an outdated system. The cost of inaction was far higher than a migration.

Enter Vertex. We worked with the client to determine their needs and migrate the existing necessary content into the new environment. Not only was our client looking for an easy-to-use content management system, but they also had several applications and HR functions on the intranet that needed to be migrated.

The Vertex Solution

Our teams worked with the key intranet users to identify opportunities to leverage the features that worked well in the existing site as well as dream about new possibilities. We created a new Information Architecture that reflected the organization structure and would facilitate easy collaboration, content creation, and governance of the intranet site.  A new governance structure was defined that is easy to administer and was not obtrusive.  Seeing the migration process as a chance to provide new functions, we re-implemented several applications such as:

  • Leave and paid-time-off management
  • Travel requests and expense management
  • Legal case management
  • Gate passes (management of visitors into the building)
  • Daily entry screens
  • Global manufacturing sites
  • Mobile access

With 50,000 employees depending on daily access to documents and critical sales information and other metrics, we kept the system running with minimal downtime during the migration. To achieve this, once the design was completed and the pages were built, we handled the migration in phases.

The new system provided features that improved information sharing and efficiency. Some of these included access to OneDrive’s newest features and real-time shared collaboration abilities.

close up of the dashboard on sharepoint

mobile screen of sharepoint

A responsive design enabled mobile accessibility, allowing employees to handle tasks and requests from their devices.


The users embraced the new site for its clean, easy-to-use format. Groups and departments have their own pages with appropriate permissions to manage their own content. Mobile accessibility quickly became a big perk, expediting several functions including requests for travel and time-off. Content administrators appreciate that maintenance is far easier than it had been in the previous environment.

Key Features

  • Mobile accessibility with responsive design
  • Time-off requests can be managed on mobile devices
  • Travel requests and expense management
  • Drag-and-drop capability in content libraries
  • Ability to upload multiple files
  • Global manufacturing sites
  • Permission groups ensure sensitive data is secure

Key Benefits

  • Compliance was achieved
  • High user adoption
  • Simplified maintenance with all site collections in one web application
  • Improved collaboration capability and access to shared documents
  • Operational cost savings

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